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lundi 22 juin 2009

The huge challenge is to understand what's behind the buzz about Google wave. OK ?

Usually I write the post to show how my installation in Montreal is going on.
Things changes and I guess may be is already the past and now need to look for the future through my experience, my graduation expected in one year and a half, and my Knowledge in Search engine optimisation.

Please have a look to this page : GOOGLE WAVE

But in order to understand the way I'm thinking this moment, I want to share with you some personal events that makes me so excited about this new product!

Let's go, not afraid, please give me your opinion and proposals...

Yes I know not few of you will be wondering what's going on because I'm writing in English this post of Sunday fist time since I'm here. No, believe me, it's not for having pride of been at ease in both of French and English, it's first because I promised somebody to write this one the way she can understand what I say and on the other hand, here in Montreal it's English mostly spoken.

Not so far that this afternoon, I was in a bar and I could play baby foot because luckily I could speak English. Even if you go to down town for shopping, if you cannot understand listen and speak English, your good will be in vain. So please take it as an advice or leave it : Better to speak English if you want organize a trip here in Montreal for business, vacation or whatever..

So, this Sunday it wasn't Sunday bloody Sunday! It was peaceful: I woke up at 6 AM and I could see and discuss with my son the best thing happened to me in my life. We didn't really had conversation about this dramatic crisis which is financial, human, and even the natural disaster that may occur (Ecology, Flu and so on..).
I simply asked him how he spent these two weeks, if he's pleased finishing school, if there's any new song that he learned in the musical class and in fact he made me aware that he choose piano as instrument to express himself in music.

Yes it can seem unimportant decision, but can you imagine the wild range of instruments he had to choose from?! Really it was big moment of fun, he's nearly six years old but already got at least two or three important decisions for his life, ignoring what kind of result he would expect.

That's the weight of age, the high price for each year we spend making faults and we of course learn a lot from our faults. But honestly, can somebody tell me if there’s a special deadline not to make any mistake not anymore?!
For sure you've got the answer for this question, there's no limit.

As far as there's no limit, then we are allowed to make mistakes, to fail, to get bad decisions but, Not to make the same mistakes, to fail using the same way, to take always the same decision!

Today I realize more than ever that our biggest decision is very simple : will we take a risk or not ? Because the only way to avoid all of above is to live out of trouble, taking no risk and to minimize the world that becomes as small as the idea we have constructed in our mind.

The brain doesn't ask to be lazy for exploring new areas, but the body needs to have a rest some times. I guess this is our limit. When the strength of walking and fighting is no more efficient, we can imagine that it's the time to keep just ongoing.

This can seem as a metaphysical or supernatural thinking, and a waste of time. But the time we have! Power we have not as much as we need to improve our use of time. Those who still are reading this post perhaps have understood what I mean, even if it's not clear.
In simple words, we can summarise as following : When the sun shines at dawn, we can take a huge number of decisions concerning projects in the same day, when it's dark at sunset, all what we need is the power to continue working on our projects but the body asks for a rest. Through this simple natural cycle that we live, our way to take decisions changes.
There're people that they will go to bed simply and wait the day after to remove some over tasks that they couldn't achieve during the day. And on the other hand, they're people that they'll fight until the limit of their power, to complete some important phases they guess if not done, they will lose something. Honestly I think I'm among those who go to the limit, but we still lose something that we ignore : the peace !
You know the way that some happy people can just go to bed and sleep for half an hour during the day because their mind required. Those have decided not to take a risk going on trouble with both of their mind and there body. That's what we call often harmony, this term that I cannot understand!

I really made a lot of mistakes, taken lot of bad decisions and fell so often that friends call me "the ball" because I use to bounce every time I'm obliged. I'm not saying that I'm a legend. Not at all.
All what I want to explain that we need more than time to understand each other, we need to take a risk because maybe the brain cannot bear anymore question or the body cannot enjoy anymore travel !

Please let's decide that we have time all the time, and the technology is helping us with a lot of drugs and medications that provide us to postpone the famous deadline I spoke about in the beginning (If you still remember). And if somebody cannot take the train because either his brain or his body is quite tired, we'll support him or her, and we'll give them a feed back of our exciting discovering.

Not money, not sex neither can provide more satisfaction than new and good experience in our life because if it's good there will be both!!

I wish you'll enjoy those pictures I've taken here just nearby where I live, not because I'm specialist but because every picture is different despite the fact that's the same landscape.
Hopefully this latest phrase meant to you lot of brain storming because it's the summary of this entire article.

Have a nice Week and good luck QUEBEC for next year as we celebrate the national feast next week, not the Canadian but only for QUEBEC ! Have a fun Montreal and thanks for all of these beautiful pics.

Oh yes ! I've also forgotten the subject of this item : Google Wave !!
This is a new epoch that's just requires our attention because we'll all be asked if yes or not we take the decision and the risk besides giving Google server all our datas knowing that they will certainly use them for more profiling.
The profiling is the actual fight to increase benefits through announcements and advertising.

For myself, I've already taken my decision : the train will leave anyway, better to take this risk and to discover a new way of sharing comments, ideas, advices and so on. It will not be easy because we're supposed to work faster and more efficient (the way of twitter) less words more tasks to achieve.

So just have a look to the video of Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009, and imagine all the possibilities we can explore using this tchit tchat in real time !!

Once again you can have more info on my Website I just started RSM Référencement and follow me on twitter or join my network on linkedin.


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