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dimanche 28 juin 2009

La fête de saint Jean et le décès de MJ

Hello everybody,

I know it's an amazing title, I didn't expect the die of my icon MJ and specially at that time we were all waiting for his come back!
The beginning of the week was a great feast with a day off even if I don't work I enjoyed very much by celebrating the Saint Jean Holiday. After very good moments I was listening to the radio on Thursday when I heard some rumours about Michael Jackson that he passed out with reference to the renown social media network TWITTER as reliable source.

I really don't know if I must be happy because I had big fun just before to hear that new (and what a new catastrophic)or shall I be angry that I couldn't have a rest after the feast !! Anyway it's not his fault he didn't choose I guess this moment to die (the same week Farah Fawsset has gone) but we couldn't postpone the celebration of the Quebec day which was very nice also.
Anyway, I discovered a new way of living in this small village or town as you like named SAINT BRUNO in the south of Montreal where people live quite far from the noise and the turbulence of Montreal city. In fact here under some photos that you can view and you'll notice there's special atmosphere there ...

Everything was perfect that day, I think people are really trained not to miss anything in this kind of organisation, all in time and with nice ambiance even if I still don't feel concerned : it's really new for me.

Besides, all medias said that MJ didn't miss his outgoing, I can approve that since we didn't heard anything about him for a while and then a big shock.
On the other hand, to manage his departure, I would like he could say us all of us how he was feeling after more than 40 years on the top of stars listing and why he decided to stop a successful carrier when Madonna still continue singing at fifty such like lot of singers that have been on pop wave and we all loved that.
I'm not so much involved about him and his art to make a speech concerning his life but as a worker I appreciate very much the serious the genius and the innovation he brought to music for teenagers such as older, he was focusing on the exceptional attempt to improve his art trough the several albums we all know and those that the medias didn't judge interesting but I believe that any song, any show of this man could be unique.

I'll simply sum up this week saying that I discovered the love of people of Quebec for there province and in the mean time how the love can be destroyed for some misunderstanding. As we say in French, all beautiful things have an end!

In memory to this guy who provided us new way of expression MJ the best ..

We shall not forget the exceptional success of the American soccer team in south of Africa they could make this week worst but luckily Brazil was strong enough !

Have a good week my friends and don't be indolent to think to MJ and continue loving

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