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jeudi 23 juillet 2009

Montreal is nice and beautiful, Niagara Falls also Toronto an american city

Thanks allah que j'ai atterri à Montréal et non à Toronto, je pense que le billet retour m'aurait coûté la prunelle de mes yeux qui eux par contre ont adoré les chutes de Niagara à voir et revoir... I arrived in Montreal direct by plane (yes by car from Morocco that should be a little long!). Since I suffered frustration in a country big like Canada (yes I forgot we were in Canada) I discovered obviously Montreal and then what about cities like: Toronto, Quebec City, Ottawa , Vancouver and many other small cities such as Drummondville and Sherbrooke ? Well I took my pilgrim's staff and I went out hunting with a car is always easier! I think you've already read all the good that I think of Quebec city, the anachronism that I found in Three Rivers, or the joy of buying brands with low prices in Saint Sauveur .. So, instead I want to talk about the English part: Ontario including cities like Toronto, Niagara Falls and Whitby ... To begin, I would say that the journey is rather long, at 9 AM out of Montreal, we were visited Niagara falls to 5 PM it is still 8 Hours road, not always flat, straight yes, but not flat. Indeed, the highways here in Canada suffer from an obvious problem: lack of resistance to the rigors of winter! On-site at Niagara Falls, we had the chance to get in a Holiday Inn at the low price of $ 100 is not much for a double room with an hotel on Murray Street which is located on Niagara Falls. That evening, I must confess that I was not really impressed, having broken the crust quickly, we took a look on falls: a lot of water and noise but very little visibility. So we started a tour in the city center, which frankly would be enough to calm the heat of the best north pilgrim : full of neon, the pub, clothing tasteless exposed to visitors as an alternative to rags we use in kitchen. Next to this display of bad taste, many centers purveyors of fear and excitement such as Dracula and many others who have no interest except for kids. Otherwise there are also fast food stores and Cuban cigars that I think come live from Indian reserves. Go ahead, I'll say that the center is of no interest. The next day we woke up of course, and after having avoided all the restaurants like "eat all what u can" we succeeded in finding what looks like a coffee with a small Maple cookie (Thanks to Starbucks) and it gave me enough forces to start my day of discovery. That was my excitement, my surprise and without exaggeration my astonishment, a phenomenon as a natural flow of water at high speed and an incredible amount! An HST of H2O which ran in the Niagara River, which itself will drive the St. Lawrence that we will appreciate once we’ll be back to Montreal. Just for reminding, we are at the center of the Great Lakes region: Michigan, Ontario, Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Erie ... for more info, read my post concerning Niagara Falls. After two days of observation, hair and body shower, we are leaving in the direction of Toronto flagship city of Ontario and was supposed to compete with NY before the crisis thanks to its important market. But it never happend because the crisis is there and is visible through the waste piled because of a strike of city staff, strikers requiring better deal, and stores which are selling at very low prices ! Toronto To summarize, a beautiful old city hall replaced by a new one, beautiful parliament and pretty bay on Lake Ontario, but the remainder could be « la défense » in Paris or any city with skyscraper to not finish. People eat while walking, clinging to their cell, they look to the ground as if the rest of the land does not interest and of course they speak only English. We are in Canada « USA version » but I already regret my little Saint Laurent in Montreal that I need more. We have therefore decided to return to eat in a small town named Whitby on the way back. Sole interest of this city, the wine is cheaper and operated with the same names found in France except that the only thing in common is the grape! A 21 H on the same day, I was happy to be back in my neighborhood in my city and I finally understood that Canada is multi forms with different faces and for my part moved to Montreal does not get worse. Thanks allah that I landed in Montreal, not in Toronto, I think the return ticket would have cost the pupil of my eyes, but I loved the Niagara Falls to see and review ...

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