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dimanche 5 juillet 2009

Shopping out of Montreal can be interesting !

Oh happy day, happy day…

Yes it’s true, today was very nice ! It was my first ride when I could drive away from Montreal to direction of « Les laurentides » la porte du nord, the north gate. And then little bit farest "saint sauveur" where you can make shopping easily buying brands that are very known such as Mexx, Guess Nike and so on…
They call it "outlet" in the meaning that there are lot of shops selling the end of stock and even you can find some samples.

Well honestly is not really cheap but at least you don’t pay a fortune for a pant of jeans that’s affordable and still in the wave, looks nice..
First I’ve been there with a girl friend of mine that I apreciate a lot for here caractere which is generous kind and helpful, to buy some articles of sport like short and t.shirt and a pair of baskets to play football with the new team I expect to join next Tuesday in The university of montreal.

But to be fair with you, there’s no way to compare between the choice you can have in Europe or even in Sebta which is part of morocco under spanish autority !!
Okey there are some discount very interesting but only avaliable for sizes that few of us can fit ! Or even if you can find your size, you'll spend a lot of time to match with a coordinate that's out of stock…

But it was really great to meet nice people there that they don’t care about the crisis and of me neither ! all of us are just enjoying spending money and walking from one shop to the other. Yes I trust you, it’s more woman event but we did not have enough time to go elsewhere..

In fact, originally we should go to the « longseau » where people usually can swim and play beach volley an activity that I love so much, but we needed 2 hours to be there and then would be back to Montral too late, unluckily will be for a next time

I loved conducting on the high way, despite the fact I was not driving a BMW , but I loved the motos guys and women also, on Harley Davidson, smells too much USA there let’s go ahead !

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