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vendredi 17 juillet 2009

A week end in quebec city amazing !

WAW incredible as it may prejudice quickly and without reasons! As soon as I spent three months here in Montreal, I was persuaded that I understood the mentality, identified their psychological profile and analyze their emotional quotient.

What a confusion, here in Montreal is an industrial city where the commercial uptake of new energy is the priority. A cultural mix and an original turn preventing the city to show her pink cheeks! They are often gray as the weather shows us quiet often.

So that I discover the city of Quebec, not far away, we are talking about 200 kms which means next door. I was amazed, surprised, shocked and I will pass ... It is a small town full of history, good will and warmth that reminds you these cities from south to south of France (Aix, Nice, and Nimes), which have a scent of spring all the time.

So here I am driving the car onto the highway 20 QC altogether trivial but through the cities just as incredible as "three rivers" a small village in the far West still alive! To describe the city, I think the pictures say enough but generally it’s a quiet little town with animations in total disproportion in relation to its volume. The culture is all the parts of street cultures and found to coexist harmoniously and I would say in open show. This city is a safe bet.

I invite you to discover the history of Quebec, through its city that celebrates its 400th anniversary in 2008, through its museums and events and leave your prejudices at home.

I will come back to days... Already sung a tune I think

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