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samedi 22 février 2014

Responsive Web Design Infographie Fev 2014

Responsive Web Design by MohammedAlami
Responsive Web Design, a photo by MohammedAlami on Flickr.
J'ai beaucoup blogué sur le Responsive design mais cette année c'est commun !
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samedi 15 février 2014

Prioritizing SEO Strategies In 2014: Mobile, Social, Paid search

Although there's no one-size-fits-all SEO strategy — due to the fact that ideal strategies will vary greatly between industries, company capabilities and business models — one thing remains true for everyone regardless of the size of the search team: ruthless prioritization of SEO efforts remains a critical component of SEO planning tasks.

Mobile SEO Strategies Are Top Priority In 2014

Research conducted with Nielsen shows that 48% of mobile consumers start their purchase journey with paid and organic search results. And according to BI Intelligence, to date, approximately 60% of all online devices are now smartphones or tablets.

Prioritizing Social Media & SEO

According to eMarketer, by 2017, internet users that use a social network will reach 2.55 billion people. That’s staggering considering that the US census bureau estimates the world population to be just over 7 billion. Globally, 1 in 4 people use a social media network, and nearly 88% of marketers will use social media marketing this year.

Prioritizing SEO & Paid Search Integration

SEO has the power to bring massive efficiencies to your overall marketing program. However, in a do-more-with-less world, in order to build more “free” traffic, you need people to scale. Not to mention these people need to be able to effectively leverage the amazing data and tools available to us today.

Prioritizing Personalization & Audience Segmentation

Whatever approach or combination of methods you employ toward crafting your messaging and behavioral targeting, testing the impact across multiple marketing vehicles such as paid search and SEO continues the yield the best results.

Scaling SEO

Additional considerations to help scale your SEO efforts in 2014 include investment in SEO tools and technology while finalizing your SEO budget. If at all possible, I always advocate making room in your budgets for SEO training for key employees that will impact your SEO results which includes non-SEO folk like engineers and interaction designers.

vendredi 14 février 2014

Responsive design : Ok pour l'expérience utilisateur mais attention à la vitesse !

Responsive design : 5 écueils à éviter

1. Ne sautez pas dans le vide !

2. Créativité ou uniformité du design ?

3. Quid des temps de production ?

4. Attention à la gestion des images et à l’architecture de l’information

5. Restez vigilent sur les temps de chargement

Pour ce dernier point il est intéressant de lire le billet de +bill Slawski : 

Google's Patent on Site Speed as a Ranking Signal By ,

Putting it simply, the patent tells us:
Given two resources that are of similar relevance to a search query, a typical user may prefer to visit the resource having the shorter load time.
Takeaway: Si vous pouvez améliorer la vitesse de votre site, ce n'est pas une mauvaise chose à faire. Il peut ne pas être un facteur  aussi fort que la pertinence ou le PageRank, mais il pourrait faire une différence quand deux pages différentes sont très proches dans ces deux domaines, et une charge beaucoup plus rapidement que l'autre.

lundi 10 février 2014

What local consumers want from local business websites

Bright Local conducted a survey on things local consumers want to see on local websites:

Q1. When considering which local business to use, which of these statements about ‘local business websites’ applies most to you?

1 main

Q2. What information is most important on a local business website?

Q3. Which factors make you want to use a local business the most?
3 main

Q4. Which factors are most likely to STOP you from using a local business?
4 main
Most potential customers want to be able to call you up to discuss their needs – although women are more happy to email than men – so make sure this contact option is the most prominent. A smart website adds credibility to a business but an ugly website won’t put off many customers as long is it has the basics done right.
More over here: What local consumers want from local business websites | BrightLocalBrightLocal 

vendredi 7 février 2014

BuzzFeed wrong, Search Traffic is Doing Fine - Define Media Group

Hey BuzzFeed, Search Traffic is Doing Just Fine - Define Media Group

In a May 2013 article BuzzFeed’s stated: “Over the past year, search traffic referrals have remained flat, growing only 3% in 2013 from 63M referrals in January to 65M referrals at year-end.” Define Media Group numbers show something very different. In their analysis of 2012 – 2013 covering over 97 billion PVs, search trends exceed 2012, and at their peak in December 2013 increased 53% YOY: 
Define Media Group - search-traffic-2013-trended

Not only is organic search alive and well, but it’s more important than any other external traffic driving source. 
*More important than any other external traffic driving source!* 

Are publishers investing less time in SEO? As the data shows, no. Are publishers investing more time in social? Of course – they’d be foolish not to as social traffic is growing fast. 

jeudi 6 février 2014

Le responsive design peut pénaliser le Référencement - SEO

Comment le responsive design peut pénaliser votre Référencement - SEO 

Dans une vidéo récente, Matt Cutts explique que le responsive design ne peut nuire au référencement SEO. Le responsive design pourrait toutefois affecter négativement la visibilité d'un site dans les moteurs de recherche. Mieux vaut donc faire ce choix en toute connaissance de cause.

Voir sur la page Google dédié aux mobiles la configuration à adopter entre même URL et Html spécifique au device ( utilisation de l'entête http-vary) et URL et html différent (usage de canonical et alternate )

mardi 4 février 2014

Google Category Tool Updated – Third Party Categories Added | Mozalami

"With Google’s rollout of new international categories, we are in the process of updating the Google Category Tool. Thanks to those that have helped out; Mohammed Alami,Chris McCreeryEduard de Boer. I want to give a special hat tip to Keenan Glass who showed me how to gather categories in other countries."

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 7.39.08 AM
Google Category Tool Updated – Third Party Categories Added | Understanding Google Places & Local Search

J'apprécie vraiment l'hônneteté de +MikeBlumenthal : Je gagne une mention pour avoir simplement posté les catégories Canada FR en format Texte. Il s'agit là d'un exemple de collaboration à copier pour la communauté francophone !

samedi 1 février 2014

10 Blue Links Become Entity SERPs: Semantic takes over

Evolving Landscape Of Semantic SERPS

Key Takeaways

1. Make sure to keep Googlebot happy — feed it the data it needs in the formats it needs and ensure your information is machine-readable and consistent across all sources.
2. Make sure your on page markup matches what your user sees and also is synchronized with any data feeds you submit.
3. Mark up as much data as possible using, even those attributes not currently supported. This way, you can position yourself to take advantage of changes and fluctuations in Semantic SERPs.
4. Remember, search is adaptive and interactive; design for a seamless user experience that flows with SERPs presented by the search engines.
5. Knowledge Graph Optimization is more than likely here to stay, so make sure you are prepared to deal with it.