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lundi 10 février 2014

What local consumers want from local business websites

Bright Local conducted a survey on things local consumers want to see on local websites:

Q1. When considering which local business to use, which of these statements about ‘local business websites’ applies most to you?

1 main

Q2. What information is most important on a local business website?

Q3. Which factors make you want to use a local business the most?
3 main

Q4. Which factors are most likely to STOP you from using a local business?
4 main
Most potential customers want to be able to call you up to discuss their needs – although women are more happy to email than men – so make sure this contact option is the most prominent. A smart website adds credibility to a business but an ugly website won’t put off many customers as long is it has the basics done right.
More over here: What local consumers want from local business websites | BrightLocalBrightLocal 

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