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lundi 10 mars 2014

The Incomplete Google Ranking Signals, Part 1

1. Local Inter-Connectivity

A Local Rank is considered with an old score for Pages

2. Hubs and Authorities

The content is pruned, and then re-ranked based upon connectivity

3. Reachability

Initial Rankings Changed by Reachability Scores

4. Burstiness

Kleinberg's study included looking at words in Presidential addresses.

5. Semantic Closeness

I've annotated this patent image to show semantic closeness in a list.

6. Page Segmentation

Microsoft's VIPS paper image showing segmentation.

7. Reasonable Surfer PageRankFeatures of Links determine weights

8. Co-Occurrence Matrix

An overview of the phrase-based indexing ecosystem
Chances are good that Google uses multiple algorithms at any one point, and we’ve been told that the search engine makes around 500 changes or so a year to how they rank pages in search results.

Source: The Incomplete Google Ranking Signals, Part 1

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