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samedi 28 juin 2014

Holistic SEO vs Old SEO | Référencement Mozalami

Holistic SEO vs the Old SEO
The following diagram from The Moz Blog provides a good description of what the traditional process of SEO is involved with. As can be seen from this diagram, traditional SEO is focused more on creating a page structure where targeted keywords can be integrated. Once the page and keyword structure is established, the link building process ensues. But as will be explained in the following, this type of SEO structure may not be effective with new changes in the online landscape.

the old seo process
With Holistic SEO, the focus is on the search users and not on keywords or even the search engines. It’s focused more on how people engage with a particular brand, product and service – which will eventually be the main factors in how these businesses will be ranked by the search engines.

 the new seo process
In Holistic SEO, providing high quality content is the main marketing drive. Content is your main portal for engaging with your targeted audience and this will matter strongly in semantic search. Holistic SEO is also about integration and so part of its main strategy is to integrate content marketing with other Digital Marketing strategies like Social Media Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.
content marketing integrated in SEO
Holistic SEO vs the Old SEO (Infographic) | Digital Marketing Philippines

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