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mardi 25 novembre 2014

SEO Client Questionnaire - Mozalami

Good partnerships provide support, motivation, and complementary skills, often allowing you to overcome hurdles faster and create some truly marvelous things. In consulting or any agency work, the concept of "partnership" should be the backbone of your relationship. 

Questions for the prospect:

1. Can you describe your business model and products/services?

  1. What do you sell?
  2. B2B or B2C
  3. Retail or lead generation?

2. What has been your experience with [YOUR SERVICE] in the past?

3. What are your [PPC/SEO/etc.] goals?

4. What's your mission or positioning statement?

5. How do you stand out?

6. Are you comfortable with an agency that may challenge your plans and ideas?

7. Who are your competitors?

8. What is your business reach? (local, national, international)?

9. What CMS are you on?

10. What does your internal team look like?

11. What do you use for analytics?

12. How big is your site?  Do you have other properties?

13. What is your budget, preferred start time, and end date?


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